Friday, July 16, 2010

"Drill Baby, Drill"...NO'Malley, No More

Have you heard the ads? Martin O’Malley, the incumbent governor of our great state of Maryland, has launched an all-out attack on his challenger – former Governor Bob Ehrlich. He’s been on the attack pretty much since Gov. Ehrlich announced he was going to run again…which is odd, considering it’s usually the challenger in today’s political arena to attack and smear the incumbent…

Anyhow, O’Malley’s “Drill Baby, Drill” ad is doing something, in my opinion, HORRIFIC and UNACCEPTABLE, regardless of your party affiliation…he is trying to play on voter’s feelings regarding THE worst environmental disaster to hit this country, the BP Gulf Oil Spill. O’Malley is doing his absolute BEST to lump Ehrlich in with those to blame for the spill.

He’s f@#$ing blaming Ehrlich! Seriously, Martin? Are you f!@#ing kidding me?!?!?

I got 7 words for you, Governor O’Malley – EAT A BAG OF SH*T. YOU SUCK.

Now that’s my opinion…to quote someone that may carry a little more clout, Blair Lee, a columnist for the Montgomery Gazette, said that Governor O’Malley “gave up the high moral ground” in his re-election bid with the ad.

Ain’t that the truth…

O’Malley has LIED to you, Maryland. He makes no bones about it – he proclaims that Ehrlich is in the mix with big corporations…Big Banks, Big Oil, etc…you know, all of the things that voter’s distrust and dislike now.

He’s says Ehrlich is a lobbyist for these big corporations…and that very claim that Ehrlich is a lobbyist is without a shadow of doubt 100% FALSE. Now for all of my bleeding heart liberal friends and readers, you need to know something (I do have a degree in Political Science, so I tend to know a little bit about this sort of thing)…in order to be a lobbyist, you MUST register with BOTH the state and federal government. Bob Ehrlich is not registered as a lobbyist, and as far as the public record is concerned, he has NEVER ever been registered as one. If the O’Malley camp truly feel that Ehrlich is (or was) a lobbyist doing his thing while being unregistered to do so, they should file a complaint with the appropriate government authorities since that would be a clear violation of both federal and state law. I can assure all of you, though, that the O’Malley camp has not and will not file any claim, because the claim is false…no, the claim is complete and total bullsh*t.

Yet, O’Malley still, despite the lies, is trying to convince you – the voter – that Ehrlich is a lobbyist for “Big Oil”, and thus responsible for the disaster in the Gulf...”Drill Baby, Drill”. O’Malley’s arrogance is appalling. He’s obviously thinking that you – the voter – have a REALLY short memory, or are so gullible that if he continues to lie to you, you’ll eventually believe him.

Better yet, O’Malley brings up voting patterns on issues Ehrlich made while he served in Congress…but O’Malley “conveniently forgets” that fellow Maryland Democrats (Steny Hoyer and Elijah Cummings, for example) voted the SAME way Ehrlich did.

The ad claims that despite the disaster in the Gulf, Ehrlich’s response is to keep on drilling (the ridiculous “Drill Baby, Drill” refrain that is repeated throughout the smear add). Oh yeah, and don’t forget the underlying message that Ehrlich made millions with the “Big Oil” companies that are to blame for the current issues in the Gulf.

Please. The Washington Post – one of the more Liberal-friendly newspapers in the region – is even slamming O’Malley’s ad and pointing out its inaccuracies.

You think O’Malley would pull the ad, right? Nope. Instead, he is all smiles while proclaiming the attack ads were “tactical mistakes”, and NOT lies. HAHAHAHAHA! WTF?!?!?

One would think that rather than slamming Ehrlich with ads that are full of LIES, O'Malley would run on his record as Governor…whoops, that’d be an EPIC FAIL.

Instead, he’ll do the popular thing that seemed to work so well for President Obama – when everything sucks, blame your predecessor. Obama blamed Bush, O’Malley is blaming Ehrlich.

What a joke.

Ask yourself, is this the clown you want running our state? Someone that lies to you with no regard to ethics in a quest to hold his position of power? I know I don’t.

Seriously, if he can blatantly lie just to hold on to the Governor’s office, what other lies has he or will he tell us?

One thing is for certain in all of this...Gov. O'Malley won’t be getting my vote.

Wake up folks…most elected officials don’t give a sh*t about me, you, or what we want and/or NEED. They care about themselves, their buddies, their wallets, and their re-election bids. They care about holding onto power.

The time has come for a Revolution – not one of violent uprisings or anything idiotic like that. It’s time to show them all who the boss REALLY is. You. Me. “Of the people, By the people”.

Vote them all out in the State and Federal level.

Picking the lesser of two evils isn’t the fix, either. If you think you can do better than the current "representatives" we have in Annapolis and/or DC, challenge them yourself and run. Or if you know someone that can truly represent YOUR views (and not someone that makes empty promises just to get elected), make sure you support someone that can ...anyone that is TRULY going to represent WE THE PEOPLE is going to get this bloggers vote...and I seriously doubt it will be anyone currently hoding office.

NO'Malley. NObama. NO MORE.

It’s time for a REAL change – not just a catchy campaign slogan.

Until next time, Beatdowners…keep on rockin’ in the free world…and remember, a unified voice of “NO MORE” can change the world…