Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Letter

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Open Letter to the World...

Tomorrow, I give my first born son to you. He begins taking his first steps away from the safety and securities of home, of daycare, of preschool. Tomorrow, he begins his journey to become whatever it is that he is meant to become. Tomorrow, he begins Kindergarten.

As I've made perfectly clear, and as you have helped show, my son is bound to be something - someone - more than he already is...certainly more than I could have ever dreamed of becoming. He is aptly named for one of the Archangels, for my son is a messenger. Was it fate, or God's will that made the Christmas carol "Gabriel's Message" come on the radio that December afternoon nearly six years ago? "Gabriel's Message", the song that made me think, the song that made me pray that if Stephanie was pregnant and it was to be a son, perhaps God was trying to tell ME something...

And nearly six years later, he was, and continues to be, that messenger.

Take care of my son, for he is still finding his way.

I am hopeful that his mother and I have given him a good foundation upon which he can grow, a foundation passed on to us from both of our parents...but only you, World, will provide him with the bricks and mortar...those of us closest to him, his family, can only provide the glue to bind the bricks together.

You will show him many paths...and you will throw many punches at him. My son is resilient, my son is strong. My son has something that is sorely lacking amongst the masses son has heart.

You will frighten him. He will not stay afraid for long.

You will try to rob him of his innocence. You will try to silence him. My son will not blur the black and white of right and wrong. My son will speak loud, clear, and command your attention.

You will try to take his very best with your very worst. You will not succeed.

He begins his journey in the world tomorrow, but as his father, my work will never be done. But rather than forcing his will, I will become a platform for him to launch from.

His journey starts tomorrow, and there is nothing that you will be able to throw his way that can stop him from continuing his message...that life is everything you want it to be...every day is a new adventure...a laugh cures all...and most importantly, angels walk among us...and my son is one of will notice him...he will be the brightest light for all to see.

Tomorrow, when he steps onto the bus, he will from that moment on make your impossible possible, he will overcome all of your obstacles, he will strive to be the very best that he can be, and he will make you realize that anything is possible...because we believe.

His love lifts me higher...and now it's time for him to spread it.

I have one question for you, World...are you ready for him? Because I know my son is ready for you.


A Proud Father


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