Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Right vs. Responsibility Blog...or Are People That F'ing Stupid?!?!?

Okay, no greetings, no salutations...jumping right into this one with reckless abandon, and be warmed...I'm pretty pissed.

Reverend Terry Jones of Gainsville, Florida, and the members of the Dove World Outreach Center - eat a bag of sh*t. You suck. You are bigots. You are racists. You are scum. If you decide to go through with the (to steal some words from AG Eric Holder)"idiotic and dangerous" plan to burn copies of the Quran on 9/11 as a remembrance ceremony, or a stand against radical-Islamic terrorists, you spit in the face of God and Jesus Christ, whom you say you follow and try to guide people back to.

YES, you have a right to stage the event and burn the Quran...if the permits are granted and the assembly is a peaceful gathering and not a riot that puts people in danger, have at it. Our Constitutional rights allow you the freedom(s) to do it.

But again, it comes down to responsibility. And burning the Muslim Holy Book, the Quran, is as irresponsible as you can get. You have the commander of our forces in Afghanistan saying it could put US soldiers in danger. God knows it will draw even more media attention than it deserves, and be used as fodder to fuel anti-America(n) sentiment in the Muslim community, both here and abroad. And for the weak-minded terrorists who use Islam as a battleflag, you throw fuel on their fires of hatred. Really f'ing smart, you Jitbag.

Relations with Muslims (again, both in the US and abroad) are strained to say the least. Weak minded hate-mongers (like yourself), attack a peaceful and loving religion. I ask you, have you ever read the Quran? Sure, Muslims and Christians have some different theological views. But so do Jews and Christians. Hindus and Christians. Atheists and Christians. Should all of those people burn in Hell as well???

Anyone seeing the similarities between this situation and what is was like in Germany prior to them invading Poland and starting WWII???? Reverend Jones...yes, I just went there. You and Hitler probably have WAY more in common than you'd ever like to admit...and that sh*t ain't cool.

I'm Christian. I believe in the Lord Almighty, His Son Jesus Christ, who suffered & died for OUR sins (yours, too, assh*le), rose from the dead, and went up to Heaven...Who fulfilled the Scriptures. But you know what? If a Jewish person, a Muslim, a Hindu, or an Atheist don't, so be it! That's between them and God. My God promotes LOVE. PEACE. TOLERANCE. FORGIVENESS (as you can tell, I'm not the role-model Christian). And I'll be damned if it's the same God you worship. A message of hate is a message of hate - and whether you are Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, or Jew - hate isn't what those faiths are about. Hate is for Bible burners. Flag burners. Quran burners. Terrorists who fly planes into buildings or blow up innocent men, women, and children in the name of whatever god they claim it's for.

And the people who think this is "OK"...YOU are the reason our country is so f*cked up beyond recognition. Yeah, so what - Rev. Jones has the right to do this. But spreading hate isn't what this country - or ANY country - should be about. We were founded on religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, etc. Those freedoms made us the light of the world. The beacon to which everyone hoped to get to. And now this is what we've become.

I'm ashamed.

So go ahead and burn the Quran. Indirectly kill more innocent US and coalition soldiers. Spread hate. Increase the tensions with American-Muslim relations. Throw fuel on the fire. And do us all a favor and go away when you're done. You don't deserve the 15 minutes of fame you are getting with this.

We're on a slippery slope, folks. Sh*t is hitting the fan right and left. It's time for a TRUE change here in the US...Hell, in the world.

Do your part...Do YOUR part.

That's all I got. I'll try to post something a little more lackadaisical later this week...but I had to vent.

To quote Brendan Kennelly, "The best way to serve the age is to betray it". So betray it. Open your eyes. Open your ears. Think for yourself rather than what you are spponfed from the mass media outlets. Stop the lies. Stop the f*cking ignorance that is tearing this country to shreds. Rise up. Take a stand. Stop the hate. Abhor he horror.

Peace out, Beatdowners...

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