Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Quick One Worth Sharing

Happy Hump Day, Beatdowners! And a very BIG welcome to my favorite season, Fall, which officially starts this evening at 11:13pm, Eastern Standard Time, in the Northern Hemisphere.

Fun Fact: This is the first time it's been a full moon on the Northern Hemisphere's Autumnal Equinox since 1991, some 19 years ago.

For any and all of you scientific freaks out there, did you know that the moon won't actually be "Full" this autumnal equinox until 5:13am on 9/23, which is actually 6 hours after the start of Fall...what's so significant about that you may ask?

It's my 38th birthday on 9/23!

I digress...

I received an e-mail today that pulled some quotes from a Dale Carnegie seminar. I like it, and I think it's worth sharing...

How To Cultivate a Mental Attitude That Will Bring You Peace and Happiness
1. Fill you mind with thoughts of peace, courage, health, and hope.

2. Never try to get even with your enemies.

3. Expect ingratitude.

4. Count your blessings, not your troubles.

5. Do not imitate others.

6. Try to profit from your losses.

7. Create happiness for others.

I can add a few...

8. Regret nothing.

9. Take time to make create happiness for yourself.

10. Be awesome.

Pretty simple, huh? I know it's a list of things that I'm going to work on.

How about you?

That's all I got. Until next time...

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