Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Challenge...or Me Putting a Boot Up My Own Ass

Happy F'ing Tuesday, Beatdowners.

Can you taste the sarcasm dripping from my pie-hole at the moment?!?!?!?


Well let's get straight to the point then – today sucks dog-ass…as have a sh*t-ton of days of late.

While I'm still AWESOME (seriously, that will never change), I'm in a wicked funk.

I've grown LAZY. It sucks.

Where does it stem from?

Not feeling challenged.
Not challenging myself.

Whatever it is, it has to stop, like NOW.

Seriously...it's taking a toll.

Does that happen to you ever, or am I just a walking violation to the Laws of Human Nature?

The aforementioned boredom, not being challenged, and not having that proverbial kick in the ass has made me a SLUG.

Working out? Psh, forget it.
House work? I say Nay! It'll be there tomorrow.

Goodbye motivation, hello procrastination.

Goodbye productivity, hello inefficiency.

I'm seriously starting to get on my own damn nerves; I can't imagine what I'm doing to those that have to be around me on a regular basis.

So what to do about it?


There are 86 days left in the year as of midnight tonight.

So my challenge – better myself in 86 days.

I vow to:
1. Create a work-out routine, and stick to it...no time like the present to renew my Gold's Gym membership and start going again.

2. Go on a strict diet...I'm seriously going to start writing down everything I eat...calories, fat grams, etc. I'll probably end up getting a little obsessive with it, but who really cares…if it motivates me, it's worth it.
I'm going to portion everything.
I'm going to bring my lunch to work.
Perhaps I'll give up beef and pork again.
My brother and sister-in-law had some pretty good success from the Weight Watchers points program...maybe I'll tailor a diet based on similar principles.
I'll give up Starbucks Frappacino in the morning.
I'll give up the daily soda.
I'll eliminate those “hollow calories”.

3. Do more housework. I won't let towels pile up. I will vacuum more than once a week. I won't let clutter collect.

4. Cut my losses wherever possible in any and all aspects of my life, and move FORWARD rather than round and round in a circle. I've done it before. I will do it again.

5. Spend more time doing what I like to do rather than bumming about what I can't do...as I say on my Facebook profile, "Aut viam inveniam aut faciam"...I will either find a way or make one...

This is my contract with myself. It starts at midnight, perhaps earlier if I can get to Gold's Gym tonight.

Every journey has a beginning. Here's the beginning of my 86-day journey.

I'll post updates.
I'm sure some will be me b*thcing and complaining.
Certainly some will be me whining.

Whatever they may be, do your awesome blogger (that’d be ME) a favor and post encouragement when you think I may need it.

The ride is gonna be a fun one - jump on board! Time to get the Boomstick Swagger back!

See you on the flipside, Beatdowners - gymin' it this evening!

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