Thursday, October 14, 2010

Say What's On Your Mind...or Grow A Set

Happy Thursday! Feeling more and more like Fall...and I'm loving every second of it!

Quick update before I dive into my tirade...over a week into my adventures back to the gym, and I'm loving it. I've been every day except last Friday (day of rest) and Sunday (Gold's closed at I went for a long jog around my 'hood). So I've been at it for a bit, and I'm feeling good...REALLY good.

Now then, on to my latest rant...this is coming from multiple angles, some past, some present. But it's something that drives me flippin' ape-shit.

Why can't people speak their minds?

Why can't they say what it is they should and want to say instead of ignoring whatever situation they want to speak about in hopes that it just goes away?


We've all been there, done that, seen that, heard that.

At work.

At school.

In relationships.

With friends.

With family.

Advice to the quiet, the meek, and those that won't say what's on their mind...


One of the best things about being a person is individuality. And a SIGNIFICANT part of individuality rests in the opinions and feelings people have, on a wide breadth of subjects.

Don't hold them back!
Say what you think.
Say what you feel!
Otherwise, you are no one.

Otherwise, you are vanilla.

Sure, there are going to be some who don't appreciate your opinion, and even more who will get mad or hurt by what you think and feel.

Honestly, who cares? You have to stay true to yourself.

Case in point - a few of my bestest friends in the world (Ex and Ra) are MOBYDONKULOUS liberal. Like so far left, they can't even see the right. Rest assured, when we get together, politics ALWAYS comes up...and we are polar opposites. The spout their liberal theology at me like a preacher pushing redemption. I disagree with 75%+ of what they say. And they always say my counter arguments are asinine...and of course, they blame my opinions on W. Anyhow, we are still bestest buds, and we have (at least in my mind) the utmost respect for each other, in no small part because we speak our minds.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one, and they all stink.

Now on to relationships. I am so sick of seeing guys and gals playing the game, so to speak...and I know the game because I've played it far too many times in my life...and won't get out of relationships or situations because they don't want to hurt someone's feelings, be it the person they are in the relationship with or a circle of friends who approve of that relationship.


At work...too many supervisors try to be "buddies" rather than supervisors. If someone is working FOR you and they F up, be honest. The only way someone will grow is to be challenged. Sink or swim was a phrase used far too often at a previous job...but I FULLY get it now. You can't do someone's job for them because you like them/feel sorry for them/want to be friends with them. Not only are you being a schmuck, but you are doing the person that reports to you a HUGE disservice by keeping them from growing professionally.

I speak my mind ALL the time.
I hurt people's feelings because they don't like what I have to say.
I make people angry because they don't necessarily agree with my point of view or my feelings.

But at the same time, people know they will get 100% blunt-force truth when asking my thoughts on something.

Am I always right? HA! Not even close.

But I'm always true to myself, and in the end, that's what matters.

Stop avoiding issues in hopes that it will correct itself and go away.

Stop going with the flow just to make sure you won't rock the boat.

Start being YOU, even if you have to ruffle a few feathers.

Do me a favor Beatdowners...if you have something on your mind, GO OUT AND SAY IT, ESPECIALLY IF SOMEONE IS ASKING YOUR THOUGHTS OR FEELINGS!

Off to the gym as soon as my sweatpants are out of the drier.

See y'all soon...until next time, be awesome, don't whore anyone up, and for God's Sake, let people know what you think and feel!

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