Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is This Seriously the Way to Start the Season...or WTF?!?!?

Holy smokes, Beatdowners...not even 24 hours removed from my feel good quotes blog, this is the headlines today...

South Korea Vows ‘Enormous Retaliation’ After North’s Deadly Island Bombardment

Ain't that grand?!?!?

South Korea was doing some naval war game activities, the North didn't approve, and they take it upon themselves to shell a boarder island that is part of the South.

The North follows with a statement on their official Central News Agency saying that if South Korea "violated" their disputed sea border "even by 0.001 millimeter", they'd continue the military strikes.

The South throws some gas on the fire by saying they would strike back with the aforementioned "enormous retaliation" if they are hit again.

Talk about a proverbial powder keg....

And the underlying factor that is pretty friggin' scary (at least to me)...China fully supports the North, the USofA fully supports the South, and China is PISSED at us due to our plan to print some $600 billion and devalue the dollar, which would directly impact China's export business.

North Korea vs. South Korea is not awesome.  China vs. the USAis EPICALLY unawesome.

Keep an eye on this one - A new hi-tech nuclear facility in the North was uncovered over the last few days, and now this...stock markets around the world aren't reacting favorably to the news.

Pray for peace...'Tis the Season, afterall.

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