Monday, November 15, 2010

Through The Looking Glass

Happy Monday, Beatdowners!  Hard to believe there are only 10 days 'til Turkey Day, and (GULP!) 40 days until Christmas...perhaps it's the warmer weather we've had over the past week or so, but it surely doesn't feel like that Most Wonderful Time of Year is right around the corner!

Anyhow, a quick one...

I really, REALLY do not like getting my picture taken.  Random, posed, whatever - I just hate it.  I find imperfections in any photo, and regardless of what anyone else says, there is no such thing as a "good" picture of yours truly. 

Facebook doesn't help matters with that whole "Tag" feature...I'm bound and determined tonight to figure out a way to disable that darn thing...because it's always the worst of the worst pictures possible that end up tagged (thanks assh*les).

Now I've come to the general conclusion that I am not what you would call a good lookin' man - all is well and good though, I make up for it with my shear awesomeness. 

But still...every single picture I see of me, I would hang in basements to keep the rats away.  The images I see could stop a friggin' clock.  Really.  If you are in a picture with me, I'm certainly going to make you look a whole lot better lookin' than you really are.  If you are having a day when you aren't feeling too pretty or handsome, take a look at a photo of me and you'll instantly say, "it could be worse, I could look like that".  Forget the ugly stick, or the ugly tree...I got hit by the ugly forest in most pictures.

I make due with the cards I've been dealt in the looks category...and I've done pretty well with what I have.  But man, oh, man do everyone a favor and don't get camera happy around'll end up UGLY!

Have a great Monday...and until next time, stay handsome out there!

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