Friday, December 24, 2010

An Angel Went Home Today

So this is a blog I wish I never had to write.  I wish the Mayo Jar was truly gonna be my last blog of 2010. 

The Man Upstairs had other plans, though.

Ten years ago, I met my future cousin-in-law Alyssa.  She was 9.  She was wearing a soccer uniform...her jersey was red.

She had amazing brown eyes.  Those big brown eyes that drew you in, and would make you give her anything she wanted...another minute of playtime...another scoop of ice cream...another few minutes before having to come inside for the day.

She had the brightest smile I'd probably ever seen. 

And she had a laughter that was contagious...heartwarming...and pure.

She was beautiful...stunning...both inside and out.  I joked to her mom and dad that she should go into modeling.

She grew up to be a wonderful young girl, and into a beautiful young woman. 

She babysat our children; they loved her, and she loved them.

She sometimes was dealt a pretty crappy hand, but she didn't fold.  She kept her poker face on and stayed in the game...even when it seemed like there was nothing good that was going to come from the proverbial cards she was holding.

She had character.

She had heart.

She had a love for life, and life loved her back.

Everyone that met Alyssa loved her. 

You couldn't help but not to. 

She had "it".

But, for whatever reason, God thought it was time for her to come home at 3am this morning (12/24/10). 

She would have been 20 on Monday.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.  Sometimes so mysterious, that we say to ourselves, "What the heck are you trying to tell me, Lord, because this isn't the way I need to hear it!"

Today is one of those days for me.

I got to see her and hang with her for a bit at Cheeseburger in Paradise last night...she was planning on coming over to the house on Christmas Day after dinner to see the kids and spend some time with us because it had been awhile...the whole hustle-and-bustle had caught up with her and with us.

The last thing she said to me as she was heading out to meet up with some of her friends was , "I'll see you tomorrow"...

I fall back on something my Grandmother said to me after my Mom and Dad passed away a few years back...Mom-Mom said, "Matt, one day this will all make sense...maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day, you will know why it happened the way it did".

I pass those words on to Gary, Kitty, Holly, Christie, Ryan, and all of the Bennett' all of Alyssa's friends and family.

One day, it will all make sense.

Just not today.

She was the little sister I never had.

She was a bright light in a dark sky.

She was an angel.

And she went home today.

Rest in Peace, Alyssa.  We love you and always will. 

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