Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Happy Wednesday, Beatdowners.

Warlocks vs. Trolls - choose your side!

Tomorrow is the most excellent holiday of St. Patrick's Day - get your Irish up, and be safe out there!

A quick one for this glorious Hump Day...glorious b/c it also is technically my Friday, since I am not working tomorrow or Friday this week...

I digress...

From an article on titled "President Obama's Final Four Picks", written by Ms. Kimberly Schwandt...
"Critics have charged the president shouldn't be spending so much time on sports, like playing golf or filling out the bracket in a time of international crisis -- with Japan's earthquake aftermath and the situation in Libya intensifying."
Are you !#$%ing kidding me?!?!?

I very rarely defend any politician, let alone on that I'm not a fan of at all...but to these critics, I have one thing to say...

Eat a bag of sh*t.  You suck.

Yes, he's the President of the United States.

Yes, the world is facing unprecedented challenges, with Japan and the situations in Libya and Bahrain being at the forefront.

But c'mon, guy.

He's a HUMAN BEING.  He isn't SUPERMAN.  He has the right to pursue hobbies just like the rest of us.

That's a big friggin' problem for yours truly - the elevated superstardom that comes with our elected officials.  They aren't the end-all, be-all. 
They are just like you and I (although probably a TON richer). 
If we treated them as such, maybe they'd pull their head's out of their butts and do what the majority of their constituents ASK for rather than what the top bidder(s) pay them for.

Way to go, Mr. President...I hope you filled out a few brackets, joined a pool or two, and I wish you luck with your picks (except for the Blue Devils - NOT a fan). 

Go hit a round of golf, run the rock with some friends, have a beer with some buddies, whatever floats your fancy. 

You (and everyone else in DC) need to remember that you are one of the people you represent.

That's all I got for the moment.

Erin go Bragh?  More like WINNING go Bragh.

Until next time...

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