Friday, May 27, 2011

Holy Sh*tballz..."End To The Lies"

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Friday, Beatdowners!


So I'm behind the times - back on April 7, Jane's Addiction released a new single..."End To The Lies".  It's going to be included on their forthcoming album, The Great Escape Artist.

Anyhow, the song is a bitch-slap of truth. 

It's a swift kick in the balls. 

It's everything you'd expect from Perry Farrell and Jane's Addiction.

The song starts innocently enough...a funky bass and high hat combo...a straight, funky groove...

Then it happens...

Perry's voice rips into your soul. 

Dave Navarro's guitar howls in the distance like a wolf yearning for a meal...or a mate.

The song is the FUCK YOU you've always wanted to say to the nay sayers.

"You never really change like they say,
Oh, you'll only become more like yourself"

The song is the FUCK YOU to those that have talked shit behind your back to make themselves look good to others.

"You talk about me so much,
That I think that you're in love with me,
Yea, you do, it's true man, you're busted,
You talk about me to your friends,
Or anyone with time to listen"

This song is the smut on the floor of the awesome bar in the really seedy part of town.

This song is the primal lust that hangs in the air of that bar.

This song is taking "that girl"...the one you want in your dreams, the one you'd never take home to mom, the one you just want to get Medieval with...into the bathroom stall of that bar and having at it, all the while hoping your significant other doesn't walk in and catch you in your moment of unadulterated, filthy lust.

This song is the sweat that entwines two lovers as they get dirty with each other.

This song is everything you have WANTED to do, but that little voice in your head prevents you from doing.

"Now you,
You were the foreskin,
I was the real head,
You were the foreskin"

This is the song that you need to stop what you are doing, log on to iTunes, and download.  Right now.

This song is "End To The Lies" by the incomparable Jane's Addiction.

Until next time...

"He thought he knew me back in the day,
When I was down but now I'm still flying"

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