Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey LeBron - You're an Ass

Happy Monday, Beatdowners!

Congrats go out Dirk and the Mavs on their improbable NBA Title win last night!  I'm by no means a fan of the NBA, but I was pulling for them - actually, I was pulling for ANYONE but Miami and "King James"...well, them and the Lakers, since Kobe is a piece of crap, too.

Back to LeBron...

He had the balls to post the following Tweet today - "The greater man upstairs knows when it is my time. Right now isn’t the time."

So God chose for the Mavs to win, and not LeBron and the Heat.

Seriously, LeBron?

While I can say I don't personally "know" God (I do believe in Him...we just don't "hang out", per say), I'm fairly certain that He isn't too concerned about who wins what sporting least I don't think so.


Well when I look around the world, I see and read reports that there are AT LEAST one billion people in the world that are hungry, countless millions below the proverbial poverty line, there are quite a few deadly conflicts in various regions of the world, and every time I turn on the news, there is another natural disaster that people are trying to contend with. 

LeBron James is a great basketball player, don't get me wrong.  He'll probably go down in history as one of the all time greats.  But that Tweet proved he doesn't have the HEART of a champion...or as I saw in another article today, someone said he doesn't have the "the ability for correct introspection".

At least in his Tweet, LeBron had one thing right - God certainly is greater of the two.

Is God so much a Mavericks fan that he specifically decided it wasn't LeBron's time?  Is God partial to Dirk?  Was God rooting against the Heat?

Not the God I believe in.  I really hope He has more important things to worry about and intercede in.

Everyone should thank God for things that matter - you know...your health, your family, opportunity...but not for sports victories.  I've played sports - I've prayed to win.  But I didn't blame God when I didn't. 

LeBron needs to man up, admit that the better TEAM won, look deep inside himself and figure out how he could improve as a player...face it, he choked in the fourth quarter of each game in the series. 

And more importantly than that, he needs to find HEART...because he has none. 

He's classless. 

He's a megalomaniac. 

He's an ass.

What gives me the right to say all of this?

Last time I checked, I have as many NBA Championships as LeBron.

Until next time...

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