Sunday, July 24, 2011


The time of partisan politics has come and gone.

The time for big, expensive government has come and gone.

The time for lobbyists, big money, special interest groups, and the almighty dollar dictating policy in Washington has come and gone.

The time for political theater has come and gone.

The time for sound byte politics has come and gone.

The time for the politicians in DC to listen to the PEOPLE is NOW.

The time for a true government OF THE PEOPLE and BY THE PEOPLE - is NOW.

The time for true change (not just a feel-good campaign slogan) is NOW.

We the People can.  We the People will.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Quick One

Happy Thursday, Beatdowners.

A quick one from my iPhone (still get a kick out of being able to blog from this thing!)...

To paraphrase and downright steal some words from Aung San Suu Kyi (Burmese opposition politician and General Secretary of the National League for Democracy)...

When we raise our voices, we can be heard in America; we can be heard around the world.  Our voices are louder than any rock band, any army, any rocket fired, any fighter jet.

Our voices are the future; the voices of reason, equality, and justice.

We are not bistandards in our own history...every one of us writes a story that will be told.

The struggle may take time, but if we demand it, CHANGE will come.

This year, America will be the home to over 310 million people...but to bring about change, it starts with just ONE person.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Budget Mess

No greetings, no frivolity today.

Just an honest to God question for our representatives down in Washington DC...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!?

As everyone is seeing on the news, the United States government will - for the FIRST TIME in our great country's history - DEFAULT on our loans if our representatives don't come up with a deficit-reduction plan that would allow us to increase our debt ceiling prior to August 2nd.

Just what we need as a country - more debt.

Anyhow, the political theatre is grandiose.

You have Republicans balking at tax hikes.

You have Democrats balking at entitlement cuts.

You have the president saying Social Security checks won't come out in August.

You have Senator McConnell saying a "real solution" to the U.S. debt problem was unlikely while President Obama was in office.

You have re-election bids determining the solvency of America, on both sides of the isle.

This is bullsh*t, folks. 

We are closing in on torches and pitchforks time, don't you think?

Who the Hell do these people think they are?

Seriously...this is as bad as it gets.

Say we all default on our loans...what happens to us?  We lose everything; our house, our car, our credit scores for any future purchases...

What happens if the government defaults?  We get screwed.  The millionaires in Congress and the White House stay rich.  Stay employed.  Stay housed.  Stay fed.

What's it going to take for the great populace to realize some painful truths?

Federal government spending MUST be cut...entitlement programs included.

The size of the federal government MUST be trimmed (i.e., all the Congressional staffers that aren't essential must be cut). 

Hell, have Congress and the President NOT collect a paycheck - that'd help some!

Taxes HAVE to be increased.

Spending MUST be cut.

While preserving freedom across the world is important, it's time to put as many of our resources as humanly possible to fix our homeland.

Cut the red tape.

Cut the politics.

Term limits would help.

Do what's right for the people.  Not what's right for your re-election bid.  Not for what's right for the lobbyist group that funds your entertainment, your car, etc.

To all elected officials in DC - DO NOT default on our loans...and if you do, I pray that everyone wakes up and defaults on you.