Monday, December 12, 2011

A Final Thought

Happy Monday, Beatdowners.

This is going to be my last blog of the year - well, my last blog besides maybe a few quick quips about CHRISTmas...this one is it...a final thought.

As some of you know, I've been out of a job since October 25th.  I've ran the gamut of emotions - anger, fear, worry, relief.  I've been actively looking - a few leads.  Some disappointments.  Reaching out to my network.  The usual cycle.

I have a decent support system, if you will, around me - could always use extra words of encouragement, extra assurance that everything will be okay...but I'm getting through.

During my time off, I've looked inwards and learned a few things...a few that I want to share...

1. I won't compromise my values or beliefs for anyone, for anything.  Matt Stone will always be Matt Stone.  And I'm perfectly fine with that.

2. All any of us can do is put forth the right effort for the right intentions - we can pursue what is right for us...the results of the effort and intentions will fall as they will.  Period.

3. All of us want answers - not the "Where are my dang keys" or "What are we getting up to tonight" kind of answers - I'm talking about answer about life, our ultimate purpose, our place in the grand scheme of things. 

Anyhow, I'm pretty sure that we have to first take a look at our questions before looking for the tangible answers; I say that because I'm pretty sure that the source of both the question and the answer is the same. 

The source is US, as individuals.

However, I've also come to find out - especially over the last two-plus years - that sometimes the most prudent move is to stop looking for the answers....stop asking the questions...just enjoy the moment, the now...just "be".

4. Life is all about growth - experiencing life fuels that growth.  Growth (in terms of life) is sort of like climbing a staircase; at some point, we all reach a landing - a comfortable spot.  And we stop climbing when we should be moving to the next step and the one after that - you know, to continue growing (sorry for all the philosophical stuff!).

I think I've gotten a little too comfortable.

I've had a lot of fun, a lot of anguish, a lot of love, a lot of loss, a lot of mistakes, and a lot of triumphs over the past few years.  To all my friends and family, near and far, here and departed, THANKS for coming along for the ride with me. 

I don't really know what all of this rambling is or what it all means, but as 2011 comes to a close, as the Christmas Season kicks into high gear, I feel like it's the end of something for yours truly. 

I fully intend to get my Christmas celebrations and New Year celebrations on to the fullest; sort of make each moment a party for myself, if you will. 

Now don't fret, it's no big deal - this isn't a cry for help or anything remotely bad...

I think I just need to step away for a moment, and dream it all up again...

Until then - thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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