Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Quick Tebow Note

Yes, Tebow lost last night.

His stats were dreadful.

But last time I checked, there are 10 other guys on offense and 11 on defense.

Tebow didn’t lose.  The Broncos lost.
While it's the "in" thing to do to bash Tebow, look at the O-line for Denver - no QB would have been able to fair well with that kind of coverage on his receivers and dreadful pass protection and run blocking.  Look at their defense - Tim Tebow did not give up 45 points.  He's a QB and doesn't play defense.

For the record, Tebow is 9-7 in his first 16 games, including play-offs. I’m pretty sure the only QB with a better record than that is Tom Brady.

Tebow is a lightning rod because of his faith, and because he isn't afraid to show his love for God and Jesus Christ on the field and during interviews.  He's a lightning rod because his style is unconventional.  He's a lightning rod because of the immense amount of hype the media thrust on him.


Tim Tebow has got an intangible quality that will make him successful in the NFL…he’s a leader. In good and bad, he leads.  He knows his role, accepts his mistakes, and does what he can to improve on them.  He doesn't blame others, his coaches, or anyone but himself.  That's a trait a lot of other quarterbacks in the NFL sorely lack.

One thing is for certain...Tim Tebow WILL get better and grow from his experience this season...he’ll be back next year and I for one think he'll prove the nay sayers wrong.

Great season, Tebow - looking forward to seeing what you and the Broncos can do next year.

Lastly - GO RAVENS!

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  1. I am afraid i have to disagree with you.
    Please note that I, like you, was born into a Catholic family. I may not agree with the catholic church, and i may not have attended a catholic service in about 15 years, i still consider myself a god fearing catholic. So my negativity has nothing to do with Timmy being a man of god.

    Tim Tebow is a horrible quarterback and will not succeed. He is a gimmick that the NFL is not used to. Much like the wildcat was a gimmick, he will fade once teams get used to prepairing for a system like the Broncos employee when he is on the field.

    Take religion out of Tebow conversation. i have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and he still sucks. God is great but Tim Tebow is not a quarterback.

    You cannot say there are 21 other starters when they lose, But give him the credit when he leads them to wins by scoring only 13, 16, 16, 17, 18 points. And that is not factoring in a few pick-sixes and short field possessions where he started in field goal range.

    We are talking about a gimmick with a very small sample size. Well here is one that goes the other way....Tebow started against two teams twice this year. Tim scored a total of 13 points combined in the rematch, both loses. Once a team sees the gimmick, they quickly neutralize it in the second game.