Monday, January 30, 2012

This Is Not A Rebel Song, This Is Sunday Bloody Sunday

On January 30, 1972 - a full 9 months prior to me even being born - in a small town called Derry in Northern Ireland, 26 protesters were shot by British police...14 of them died. Many historians say that this one day - this one event - was the most significant, the most horrific, and the most violent event of the far too long conflict in Northern Ireland that later became know simply as "the Troubles".

January 30, 1972.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

This entry into the Beatdownblog is dedicated to the memories of:

Paddy Doherty (31)
Gerald Donaghy (17)
Jackie Duddy (17)
Hugh Gilmour (17)
Michael Kelly (17)
Michael McDaid (20)
Kevin McElhinney (17)
Barney McGuigan (41)
Gerald McKinney (35)
Willie McKinney (26)
William Nash (19)
Jim Wray (22)
John Young (17)

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