Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Too AWESOME not to share.  No copyright infringement intended - just sharing some musical genius.  When ever I get into one of "these" moods, this song goes into heavy rotation...Dave Matthews Band.  "#41".  Lyrics below.  Enjoy.

Come and see
I swear by now I'm playing time against my troubles

Oh, oh
I'm coming slow but speeding...
Do you wish a dance and while I'm in the front
My play on time is won
But the difficulty is coming here...

I will go in this way
And find my own way out
I won't tell you to be here
But Its coming to much more...
All at once the ghosts come back
Reeling in you now oh
What if they came down crushing
It used to be
that you and me
play for all of the loneliness
that nobody notices now
I'm begging slow I'm coming here...
I'm waiting

I wanted to stay
I wanted to play
I wanted to love you

I'm only this far
And only tomorrow leads the way

I'm coming waltzing back
and moving into your head
Please, I wouldn't pass this by
Oh, and I wouldn't take any more than
What sort of man goes by?
I will bring water
Why won't you ever be glad?
It melts into wonder
I came in praying for you
Why won't you run in to rain and pray?
Let tears splash all over you

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