Monday, October 25, 2010

Why the US is a Sh*tshow...or EPIC FAIL

Someone has a case of the Monday's today, Beatdowners.

So I'm getting on my soapbox for a minute.  Deal.

I 110% firmly believe our once great country is going to Hell in a hand basket.  Seriously. 

Sexual affairs of pro athletes is top news stories. 
Lindsay Lohan's run-in's with the law are top news stories. 
EVERY elected representative in DC is out for one thing - themself, their reelection bid, and whoever contributes the most money to them and/or their campaigns. 
"Political Correctness" is reaching extreme levels.

And that "P.C." thing is what this blog is about.

Last week in Michigan, a civil rights complaint was filed against a woman who put an advertisement on her church's bulletin board back in July searching for a Christian roommate. 

Yes, you read that correctly.

The woman posted the ad on her church's bulletin board and someone who saw it decided to be a friggin' jitbag and complain to the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan; and of course, the Fair Housing Center of Western Michigan (who obviously has WAY too much time on their hands) filed the civil rights complaint on grounds that the ad "expresses an illegal preference for a Christian roommate, thus excluding people of other faiths".

Let that sink in.

Whether there are laws on the books or not regarding this (the Fair Housing Act prevents people from publishing an advertisement stating their preference of religion, race or handicap with respect to the sale or rental of a dwelling), in a nutshell and very plainly, the woman's right to have a roommate with a background of her choice is unimportant.  All that matters is offending someone with the ad because it specifically says CHRISTIAN ROOMMATE WANTED.

People have a right to pick and chose who they want to live with, be friends with, hang with, etc.  But apparently in America, you only have that right if you don't offend anyone.

No one (religious belief, color, nationality, sexual preference, etc) should have to worry about being punished by the government for being whatever it is they are - Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Black, White, Asian, German, Irish, Indian, straight, gay, etc.

It's a sin to bring any civil rights issues against a young, single Christian woman for PRIVATELY at her church to look for a roommate with a similar CHRISTIAN background like hers.  Maybe I'm wrong, but that should be protected by law...1st Amendment, Freedom of Religion...we have the right to live with someone of the same religious faith. 


Another example of taxpayer money being wasted for BULLSH*T.

Take away our liberties.
Take away our freedoms to live as we want as long as we aren't hurting others.

And you know what hurts my feelings and offends me?

Being frowned upon for saying "Merry CHRISTmas", "GOD bless you", " nation under GOD...", "in GOD we trust"...reading that the ACLU doesn't want to see any religious symbols on federal property...hey assholes, tell that to families of the brave men and women buried in Arlington National Cemetery that have crosses, Stars of David, etc., marking their loved one's final resting place...the same people who made the ultimate sacrifice to give you the freedom to take up causes intent on destroying our country and causing divide instead of unity and tolerance.

It's a shame we have become a nation of sheep.  Wake up before it's too late and we aren't allowed to do or say anything without facing fines, criminal charges, or worse.

Think about these things before voting next week.

And if I offended you, go F yourself.  If America is so unfair and biased against you, move.

Happy Monday Beatdowners.  Until next time, wake up, take America back, take your freedom back, and may God bless you and yours...

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