Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doing Nothing Just For Fun - Blogging to Waste Time

Happy Wednesday, Beatdowners!

So I'm down to 2 days left in the current chapter of employment.  On to bigger and better things, sooner than later.  I'm sure I'll blog about it in the very near future...but not today.

Anyhow, 2 days left. 
I've checked out. 
I'm on autopilot. 

I've got to figure out ways to pass the 16 hours (and change left today) in front of me.

I can play Words With Friends on my iPhone (look me up - screen name Stone972).
I can IM with my boy CGD down in Sterling.
I can stalk people on Facebook.
I can come in late, take extended lunches, leave early.

Who am I kidding - all of those are bound to happen anyhow.

So I'll blog to waste a bit of time today...and I'm kinda in a suck mood (out of boredom, frustration, and anxiety), so this will probably be more of a b*tch session than anything.

STILL not a fan of people saying they will do something and don't...and have no intention of doing it when they say they will; seriously Trolls, if you have NO intentions of doing something when someone asks, TELL THEM YOU HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF DOING IT!
No need to lie to save face, lead people on, or inflate your ego...GROW A SET & KNUCKLE UP!  Acting like a Jitbag and Poser makes real people think less of you as a person.

Gnarls Gnarlington - would you please do us all a favor and simply get on my level already?!?!?!?  What level, you ask?  WINNING, 24/7.

This evening, me thinks, is going to start and end with a bottle of red.

I still believe that some people deserve a swift punch right in the neck.

I'm kind of pissed right now about my own EPIC misjudgement; it's such a downer when people, jobs, and/or situations don't turn out to be how they sold themselves and/or appeared to be at first.  Those rose-colored glasses can really paint things much prettier than they will EVER be.

Things that are EPIC FAILS in Facebook pictures:
  • The Duck/Fish Face - you look like fools, not attractive at all, complete fail.
  • Skin tight clothes that show off a love for beer - in the wrong spots.  Nothing like a pot belly busting out of a supposedly "sexy" top.
  • Girls wearing clothes to show off their boobs in hopes that a guy will talk to them...seriously, if you rely on that to get a dude's attention, you are fishing at the bottom of the barrel.
  • The classy pics - you know, the uber drunkeness, the draping yourself over peeps like a cheap suit...stay classy, guys!
Miller Lite is GROSS...I'm thinking a combination of Sasquatch urine and sewer water.  Blah.

Placebo's version of the Kate Bush classic "Running Up That Hill" is friggin' EPIC.

I dug Get Him To The Greek - right up until the Debby Downer scenes near the end on the roof.  I digress, Diddy was a RIOT.  I don't ever want to get Jeffrey'd!

Disappointed I'm not going to Beef, Bourbon, and Beer this Saturday.

Where the Hell is Spring?!?!?  40 degree weather isn't WINNING anymore!

Isn't it sad that the Orioles would be considered to have a successful season if they finish .500?  I remember as a kid when they were playoff contenders more often than not.  I wish we had an owner that would put a winning team on the field, or sell to someone that would.

84 days until U2 brings their 360 tour to M&T Bank Stadium - so psyched!

I give advice that is usually dead on and to the point; if you ask me for it and don't take it, you have one person to blame, and it ain't me.

I could go for some Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish.

I can't remember the last time I went on a date; that's sad.

I'm looking forward to sitting at MR Ducks in OCMD often this summer enjoying Orange Quacks, canned beers, and wicked good company.


It's a problem.


WTF is "Spongebobbin'"?!?!?!?

I'm after a solid 24 hours of ME time.


That's enough for now...I gotta pee.

Until next time...

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